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Q: What is the difference between granite and quartz?


A: Granite is natural stone that is mined from quarries all around the world.  The slabs of granite all look a little different.  Quartz is man-made. It varies much less than granite, so usually what you see is what you get.  It is 93% stone and 7% acrylic resin.   Granite surfaces need to be sealed usually every 6 months with a simple spray.  


Q: What is the benefit to stone surfaces rather than solid surface?


A: The benefit to both granite and quartz is that they are heat,stain and scratch resistant. Solid surface will scratch and can crack much easier than a stone surface. Granite and Quartz will also add market value to your home.


Q: Where else in my home can I put granite or quartz other than my kitchen and bathroom countertops?


A: We have installed window sills, fireplaces, shelves, and can do almost anything you need!

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